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We appreciate all of your kind words.


Warren, Mimi and the Auckland team.






NZ Herald


Stylish casual eating in a fashionable venue, suitable for a glass of something and a quick bite or for a more lavish blow-out - John Gardner

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There's an ease in the ambience, yet it's sophisticated and there's an excitement in the food that makes me want to go back for more. 

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District Dining adds a whole new dimension to the ever-expanding wonderment that is the Britomart precinct. An uber slick interior by Nat Cheshire is complemented by the owners' collection of unique artworks by some of our favourite artists - Scrap Wall and Richard Orjis. District Dining gives off a sophisticated air of inner city elegance. It's the type of restaurant that would feel completely at home on the streets of New York or Melbourne. We have welcomed this new arrival to our neighbourhood with open arms. District Dining is the type of restaurant that makes us insanely proud of our ever-developing cosmopolitan city, and we love it for that.

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NZ HERALD - 7.5/10  (Nici Wickes)


NZ HERALD - 4/5  (Peter Calder)


MENU MANIA - 4.5/5 average


STUFF - 4/5